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Small Doctor accused of attempt murder

By: in OthersMarch 25, 2018

A viral story made by a specific Nigerian vocalist (Jurjiversal on Instagram) is that Small Doctor and a companion want to kill him by poisoning his drink.
While Small Doctor is yet to react to the claim, the South African-based artist shared a long post on Instagram describing what turned out badly.
This may resemble an nonsense talk from an unserious person, yet such is fit for discoloring the picture of Small Doctor. For his fans and individuals who mean to work with the artist, he needs to address this and consider the issue important. At any rate, he needs to state his side of the story.
The ramifications of the affirmation is that Small Doctor want to end the life of a companion. He was tied in committing murder, which is a serious crime anyplace on the planet. Staying silent may not be the best answer to this assertion.

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